Hi, I'm Tyler.

I'm a user experience designer.

Creative solutions with a focus on usability and enjoyment

My work revolves around the user. I strive to create interfaces that are both easy and enjoyable to use, while maintaining functionality. My design methods incorporate research, prototyping, and testing, to make sure that the product is the best that it could be.

A human-centered approach

I believe that a lasting relationship with an application starts with a good experience. Understanding how people behave makes it possible to build applications that compliment the context in which they are used.

For my MHCI Capstone at Carnegie Mellon, I worked on an application redesign project with PNC Bank as the UX Design Lead. The project has given me the experience of working with real users and designing a solution that will be implemented in upcoming development cycles. Through extensive research and testing with our users, I was able to understand the context in which the application was used, and create designs that would improve both the usability and experience of the application.

An animator at heart

What I’ve learned from my undergraduate studies in 2D and 3D animation at Carnegie Mellon is applied to the interfaces that I design. Motion is a key element in interaction design, providing context to users. Every tap, swipe, and scroll requires the right animation to help users understand what the application is doing, while emphasizing the company’s brand.

Working as an animator for Disney Research has allowed me to develop various animation techniques, and I use many of them when designing UIs. My interest in animation has also brought me to produce a number of short films, some of which were screened at the KLIK! International Film Festival in Amsterdam.

From design to development

With all of my projects, I’ve been involved in every step of the process. I’ve gained the skills of project management, user research, data analysis, rapid ideation and prototyping, usability testing, and application development. Having a solid understanding of entire process makes it possible to create designs that are supported by real data, and develop prototypes that follow specifications to the pixel.

I believe that every step matters. As the UX Design Lead of my PNC project, I gathered data by directly interviewing our users, visiting their workspaces, and analyzing their workflow. Without this onsite experience, we would not have been able to make breakthrough realizations on how to improve our users’ workflows.

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