Portfolio Reel showing individual works.
1. "Chocolate Disco" (2012) - 3D Animation made with Maya, 2D Pixel Animation made with Photoshop
2. "OREMO" (2014) - 2D Animation made with Photoshop and After Effects
3. "My Ex-Girlfriend Never Farted" (2013) - 2D Hand-Drawn Animation made with Photoshop
4. "Memory" (2014) - Motion Graphics made with Cinema 4D
5. Dynamic Effects Exploration in Maya (2014) - 3D Maya Animation, Particle Effects, Spark Effects, Firework Effects, and Fluid Collision Effects
6. Sculpting Exploration in ZBrush (2014) - Sculpts of the Human Body
7. Character Rigging in Maya (2014) - Created Skeleton and Versatile Controls for Animation [Model by Melanie Danver, Madeleine Varner, Moshe Mahler, and Tyler Porten]
8. "Lullaby" (2014) - 2D Hand-Drawn Animation made with Photoshop
Full videos at tylerporten.com
Screened at KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, 2014.

Midterm is a 3D animation project for the Animation Art and Technology course at Carnegie Mellon University, and was completed in May 2014. It was a collaborative effort between myself (story, modeling, lighting, particle and liquid dynamics), Shuaihang Wang (rigging, animation), Cory Chang (cloth simulation, animation), and Zhen Geng (soft body simulation, animation).

Original 2D Animatic: