Slate Reader Redesign

Designing for Focus

About the project

This project aimed to create a focused experience for news readers. I took a look at Slate’s mobile news reader, and designed a reader that allows people to remain focused on the article they are reading, while retaining ad space to enhance Slate’s ad revenues. I also added the functionality of dragging paragraphs to “More Like This” and “Less Like This” buttons, so the suggested articles become more personalized.


  • Project for Advanced Web Design at Carnegie Mellon University
  • SPRING 2015


Photoshop, After Effects

Design Solution

Ads Are Distracting

Slate’s current mobile reader shows ads at the top of the article, creating a disorienting experience for the reader.

Recommended Ads

Recommended ads appear during and after articles, displaying products that relate to the reader’s interests.

A Streamlined Experience

The new visual hierarchy allows the reader to focus on the content of each article, with the ability to share and save important snippets.

Interaction Example

Process Sketch